Spotlight on Janine, a globetrotter grandma!

She’s 83 years old, watching her makes you feel tender and gives you a hell of a slap because she’s full of “energy” and positive vibes! This is Janine, a globetrotter grandma!

It was in Krabi in southern Thailand that we had the chance to meet the sublime mother-daughter pair “Janine and Françoise”. Coming from a family of travelers, the two partners have chosen this year to travel in Thailand for a month. Landing in Bangkok, they randomly join their “son and grandson” on the road in Asia. What they like about traveling is the discovery in the widest sense: encounters, plants, cooking, scuba diving for Françoise and “snorkeling” for Janine who loves being in the water and admiring the small fish.

She also tells us that she had no problem last year jumping off the boat in Guadeloupe.

It’s hard not to be impressed!

For Francoise, an ex-nursing assistant, she tells us that traveling allows her mother to maintain a good health. “This allows her to move physically and not to be sit, inactive, next to the fireplace in winter.”

Timidly, I asked Françoise if this type of trip was not difficult for her and here is her answer:

“The worst pain is losing someone you love and having regrets about what you could have done with or for her. The moments to share are precious! I will continue to accompany my mother in her dreams of travel as long as we can. Next year we will go to India. “

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We wish this beautiful pair many more trips around the world and especially to continue to share and enjoy those precious moments.

A short and beautiful encounter.


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